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I see that most of everyone here likes them and then there are a small handful (from what I've seen so far at least) that hate it and I don't think I hate it but I'm not all for it anyway. I didn't like the username change because now I don't know which artist is under which name (as easy and simple as it is to just click on their name and look at their art, it's a hassle and I am lazy and it takes a long time to go through my watch list) and now the symbols, which I personally think were fine before, have changed completely.

As you can see, english class didn't do me any good, for my run on sentences are infamous amongst my friends.


Ugh. and the scroll over thing to show if it's a group, user, premium, or super group, whatever... is that really necessary? I did't really care, I just wanted to look at art work. 

I don't know ma. The symbols are cute but I don't think the change was necessary.

Thoughts on my thoughts?
Birdee-Blake Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
 They could have simply added the hover over information on to the existing symbols if it was all that confusing. Since they're not likely to backtrack (they only do on rare occasions), if they could at least make them smaller, that'd be okay.
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October 2, 2013


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